This can give prayers made in Latin a weaponised efficacy; as the saying goes, the devil hates Latin. In this Taylor Marshall podcast (from about the 2:00 mark), Jesse Romero recounts how an ineffectual exorcism turned lethal for the fallen angels when the Hail Mary was upgraded to Ave Maria. The exorcised later attested that at that instant. 2016. 10. 18. · Below is an exorcism prayer which after centuries of being used in different variations against many demons. It has become particularly strong. It is translated from Latin to English and is the foundation of the exorcism of. All have been faithfully transcribed from the 17th century printing into modern type, and for the first time ever, the Mechlen Pastorale has been translated into English which is presented here side by side with the Latin. The Prayers have been found by exorcists to be extremely useful and can be of great assistance. This book is for clergy only. 2020. 5. 13. · Greogorian chants always moved the Holy Spirit in me which I am very sensitive to. I can walk into a church, be near a priest and feel the presence of the Holy Spirit strongly. I also feel a difference when I pray the rosary in Latin as opposed to English which intrigued me to study the question of the Latin Language.

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